Welcome to Lose Lice Quickly. We are committed to helping you find quick and natural relief from those awful, itchy, unwanted tenants in your kids‘ hair.

Lose Lice Quickly was created by Ann Johnston, (aka Aunty Ann) an English teacher who suddenly and unexpectedly caught head lice from one of her high school students. Due to plenty of research, some good advice, and a select few products, Ann has been able to permanently get rid of the lice and nits in a quick and natural way.

Ann would now like to share her secrets and strategies with you!

You are invited to look around our site, as you are bound to find something that helps you ger rid of and keep away those horrible little critters which make both your life and your kids’ social life unbearable.

Ann Johnston lives in Segur de Calafell, Spain with her grown-up daughter.