This is how the back of my head looked after I caught head lice from one of my students!

My daughter was already grown up and I had successfully avoided both her and I getting infested by these unwanted tenants. But, I was tutoring a high school kid who had just come back from a week-long camp with his class mates. I had started scratching more than usual (I get dandruff from time to time) so asked my daughter to have a look at my head – and this is what she found!

Gosh! Was I grossed out or what!!. I immediately wanted to shave my head! I ran to the local chemist’s and bought the first chemical product I could find and put it on immediately. I didn’t care that I had to then get on a train. I didn’t care what I looked like with the product on my head – I just wanted them out and fast!!

Well I used several chemical products and finally got rid of them but – my hair was bleached blonder than it normally is and my eyes were watering from the smell and potency. I realised that this is not on for little kiddies at all.

I had to leave any product on for ages and no kid is gonna sit still for that long as well as the worry that the product will get in their eyes. Plus the combing with the special comb. So, I decided to look for a natural product that would not be harmful to young children.

Back to school is coming up with the usual exchange of head lice. You can’t stop young children getting their heads together. So I combed the internet and found this wonderful product which only uses natural products. Enter your Best Email and click the link below to get taken to the introductory video so you can see for yourself what it is all about.

We never want to play with our kids’ well being, now do we?