Mom – I’ve got nits!!!

This is what all us moms dread when the kids first go to school or go back after any break. Or the dreaded letter from the school nurse saying that they can’t go back until they are nit free. But the little critters are so hard to spot! They are so small and often the same color as the hair.

lice on cotton

As you can see from the picture, this is a head lice on a small cotton wool disk – the kind you use to clean your face with. You sometimes need a magnifying glass just to see them. And, if you are like me and have never seen one in your life, you just ain’t sure what exactly you are looking for!


As we, my daughter and me, had never ever had them, I took this picture to send to my sister, whose kids had suffered from them, just to check that they were lice! (I thought it just might be any old kind of insect! There are a lot of mosquitos here in Spain in summer).

Alas, it wasn’t – it was the dreaded lice! Horror of horrors! So, now you know what you are looking for. But, I still think a magnifying glass would come in handy to actually see them. My hair is blonde, they seem to be a kind of brown so, if your kid has brunette or dark hair, would you be able to see them?

An itchy scalp could be just dandruff after all.

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